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What Should We Pay Attention to when Starting a Vending Machine Business?
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With the arrival of the smart era, people do not want to carry cash, shopping is scanning code, vending machine has become a hot investment, many office workers and enterprises will use the self-service vending machine, so about the vending machine business, you must understand the following four questions.

1. Precautions for self vending machine operation

(1) The quality of the point is very important, the flow of people is the basis, and the consumption ability is the driving force. Find out if there are similar competing products around, including not only other vending machines, but also small shops and stores. These are competitive products, that is, the target group is less selective near the point.

(2) Cooperation mode: Choose the mode suitable for yourself, and the operation pressure will be much lower.

(3) In addition to offline product sales, whether it can attract online consumption, increase customer engagement, and improve brand loyalty.

2. The profit model of vending machines

The main profit from cold drinks vending machines comes from selling merchandise, depending on the strengths and weaknesses of that point. In addition, it is related to the category of vending machine. Some types may have lower margins but larger volumes, while others may be particularly profitable but have fewer daily sales. Secondly, attention should be paid to the introduction of advertising revenue and third-party cooperation revenue, so the vending machine marketing policy is also critical. It is recommended to choose a one-stop service manufacturer, which can provide mature operation policies, so that the equipment and operation will be hassle-free.

3. Self vending machine brand selection

(1) It is better to choose the machine with direct sales from manufacturers and independent research and development, and choose the brand with excellent quality and perfect after-sales service system.

(2) combined with its own conditions and marketing demand, choose suitable vending machines, investigate the market ahead of time, see what kind of goods, determined to do now in the market is very popular with the young people of the ice cream machine, drink machines, food machine, etc., if it is a pre-packaged, very simple, if it is now, pay special attention to the refrigeration performance, such as automatic hot ice ice cream machine, constant temperature and humidity, At present, in the industry, the after-sales service is very comprehensive, the machine is independently developed, and one-stop operation guidance is also provided, which is very suitable for entrepreneurs to make worry-free investment.

(3) Consider the cooperation policy of the brand; In addition to the profits from the sales of cold drink vending machines, whether it can bring advertising profits and other value-added income; Comprehensive comparison of machine added value, choose the most suitable for their own.

4. The investment cost of self vending machines

The investment cost is related to the following factors: whether to buy or join the cooperation? The investment cost of both is certainly not the same, the purchase cost is higher than the franchise cooperation; The number of machines put into operation; Point resources, point rental costs; Expenses incurred during operation, such as commodity costs, machine maintenance costs, etc. No matter what kind of self vending machine you choose, the key is to choose the right point, master the operation mode, and do daily maintenance.

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