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Four Core Technologies of Intelligent Unmanned Vending Machines
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1. Intelligent unmanned vending machine mobile payment, non-cash payment

At present, small vending machines have changed people's way of life and made it more convenient and fast. The same is true of consumption. Everyone has gone from cash to bank card/credit card cashless/mobile payment. Standardized options that are not paid in cash are more conducive to smart services and management.

2. Intelligent unmanned vending machine AI management and smart phone interaction

There are already many advanced vending machines that offer non-cash payment methods, but some vendors further simplify every step of it. Some food vending machines can interact with real-time smartphones. For example, a customer walks to a smart vending machine. The AI-based mobile app determines which machine it is, then proceeds to pull inventory in real time and present the options to the customer on the smartphone, where they can do the action.

3. Intelligent unmanned vending machine face recognition

Face recognition is already used in many smart vending machines today. Food vending machines have also added the option. Customers can choose from the vending machine according to their needs, and then a camera to determine the type of consumption, to ensure that this function can work properly. For example, now that a customer comes to a vending machine to shop, the machine will offer a personalized menu based on the customer's purchase history and can also be set up to display programs that are not limited to products. To provide customers with an intelligent experience, enabling faster transactions.

4. Intelligent unmanned vending intelligent system management platform

As we all know, a very important job of vending machine is to replenish the goods in time and adjust the goods in time. Before, the need for targeted inventory, but today's intelligent system management platform can be used to check the corresponding situation on the phone, the situation of hot products.

If these products are seriously out of stock, the operator can make corresponding adjustments and supplements on the basis of the system data on the mobile phone, greatly reducing the inventory time, but also greatly improve the sales of popular products and increase profits.

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