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XY Vending machine——Egg vending machine~
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Egg vending machines are now more and more widely used in People's Daily life!For merchants, eggs placed in the open air in the wet market are easy to deteriorate in high temperature or humid weather, which will cause merchants to suffer commodity losses! And for customers, buying spoiled eggs will give people a very bad shopping experience. The egg vending machine has a refrigeration function, which can maintain a constant low temperature inside the machine and effectively keep eggs fresh. And you can put the machine in the community so that people can easily buy fresh eggs.
1.This egg vending machine comes with a lift system that can effectively prevent break the eggs when they are purchased!
2.The XY vending machine supports the installation of a local payment system and currency.
3.Depending on the products sold by customers, XY vending machine customizes different types of product aisles. 

XY as the world's OEM vending machine source factory, will provide you with a smart vending retail business solutions!

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